DCO Computer Cluster

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The DCO Linux cluster deepcarbon.rpi.edu includes:
Software - Intel and Gnu Fortran and C compilers and various software applications including MPI. Jobs are queued using PBS (qsub, qstat).
Hardware - 40 nodes (n001-n040) with 16proc/ node = 640 Intel® Xeon® E5 Cloud Ready 2.4 GHz Compute Processor Cores based on E5-2665
544GB DDR3 1600Mhz ECC REG System Memory 1GB Memory Per Compute Processor Core, 154TB System Storage mounted as NSF
Access - deepcarbon is hosted at RPI on the Troy campus and sits behind the campus firewall. All access is via ssh/ sftp and scp - details are available after allocation is granted.
Support - is provided only at the system configuration (OS, compiler, installed application software). All user application support is the responsibility of the user/ community.
Request for Allocation (submit to computer_request [at] deepcarbon [dot] net)
Name (and email) of Lead Investigator:
Co-Investigators (including students), email, and affiliations:
Title of investigation:
Preferred Start Date:
Expected Duration:
Resource request (node/ core hours, expected memory and disk requirements, software needs, any scheduling constraints):
Justification narrative (relation to specific DCO Community(ies) - see http://deepcarbon.net/dco/deep-carbon-science) - 1-2 paragraphs: