DCO Extreme Physics and Chemistry Symposium

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Extreme Physics and Chemistry Symposium

Sunday, 27th October 2019

Carnegie Institution for Science, 1530 P St NW, Washington DC



  8:00     Breakfast

 9:00    Razvan Caracas Carbon flux through inside and outside of the magma ocean
 9:20    Catherine McCammon Earth's ancient magma oceans may have been diamond factories
 9:40    Hélène Bureau Some clues about the cross behaviour of carbon and hydrogen during core formation
10:00   Chrystele Sanloup Carbonate melts at depth: efficient carbon drains in the upper mantle, carbon traps in the lower mantle


  10:20     Coffee break

 10:40    Vincenzo Stagno Viscosity and atomic structure of CO2-bearing magmas in the Earth’s interior
 11:00    Choong-Shik Yoo Chemistry under Extreme Conditions (XCHEM): Pressure-Evolution of Chemical Bonding and Structure
 11:20    Valerio Cerantola The HED instrument at the European XFEL: new frontiers for extreme conditions science
11:40   Sergey Ushakov Calorimetric determination of heats of fusion of oxides above 2000 K


  12:00  Lunch and Posters

 14:00    Afu Lin Water transport across the mantle transition zone and lower mantle boundary
 14:20    Jin Liu Water Matters: Formation of oxygen-excess oxides in the deep Earth
 14:40    Christopher Tulk Absence of Amorphous Forms When Ice is Compressed at Low Temperature
 15:00   Tianshu Li Crystallization of water induced by carbon


  15:20  Coffee break

 16:00    Dimitri Sverjensky Supercritical fluid controls on mantle fO2 with diamond and carbonic acid
 16:20    Nir Goldman Aqueous Glycine Condensation Chemistry under Extreme Conditions
 16:40    Vladimir Kutcherov Deep hydrocarbon cycle: from subduction to mantle upwelling


  17:00   Adjourn


  19:00   Dinner at B Too, 1324 14th St. NW, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 627-2800



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