DCO researchers have contributed more than 1500 publications to the scientific literature over the past decade. In 2019 alone, ten books and special issues will publish. This represents a phenomenal "ten in ten" achievement -- ten years of research, exploration, and discovery compiled in ten major contributions to the deep carbon scientific literature. 

This decade of publications forms the Bibliography of Contributions to the DCO, a valuable resource available to all for decades to come. 



2019 Books

Symphony in C Symphony in C

Symphony in C: Carbon and the Evolution of (Almost) Everything explores carbon’s multi-faceted characteristics in four movements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Authored by Robert M. Hazen. W.W. Norton & Company, June 2019.

Carbon in Planetary Interiors Carbon in Planetary Interiors

Carbon in Planetary Interiors is a special AGU Monograph providing a compilation of what has been learned by the Extreme Physics and Chemistry community over the last decade. Edited by Craig Manning, Wendy Mao, and Jung-Fu Lin. American Geophysical Union, October 2019.

Deep Carbon: Past to Present Deep Carbon: Past to Present

Deep Carbon: Past to Present is an edited volume that conveys what our international community of deep carbon scientists has learned over the last decade. Edited by Beth N. Orcutt, Isabelle Daniel, and Rajdeep Dasgupta. Cambridge University Press, October 2019.

History of Deep Carbon Science History of Deep Carbon Science

A History of Deep Carbon Science from Crust to Core offers the first historical account of deep carbon science from the 1400s to the present. Authored by Simon Mitton. Cambridge University Press, December 2019.

2019 Special Issue Journals

Earth in Five Reactions American Mineralogist

The five most important carbon-related reactions on Earth are the central themes in this special issue of American Mineralogist. Edited by Jie (Jackie) Li, Simon Redfern, and Donato Giovannelli. Articles online beginning May 2019. 

Elements: Catastrophic Events and Carbon Elements

A special issue of Elements focuses on catastrophic events in Earth’s history and their impact on the carbon cycle. Edited by Marie Edmonds, Celina Suarez, and Adrian Jones. September 2019.

Engineering Special Issue Engineering

A collection of papers on "Deep Matter and Energy" highlights the role of deep volatiles in mediating major Earth processes and spans a broad range of deep carbon science.  

Deep Carbon Frontiers Special Issue Frontiers Research Topic

A research topic in Frontiers shares new insights in deep carbon science from across the DCO Science Network. Edited by Isabelle Daniel, Dan J. Bower, Artur Ionescu, Matia Pistone, Sabin Zahirovic, Dawn Cardace, and Sam MIkhail. Articles online beginning April 2019.


G Cubed Special Issue G-Cubed

A special theme in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, also known as "G-Cubed,” explores advances in the field of deep carbon degassing. Edited by Tobias Fischer, Marie Edmonds, and Alessandro Aiuppa. Articles online beginning September 2017- May 2019.

Carbon Forms: Paths and Processes Journal of Geological Society of London

A thematic set in the Journal of the Geological Society of London explores the various forms of carbon, their paths and processes in Earth. Edited by Marie Luce Frezzotti and Igor M. Villa. Online and in print March 2019. 

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