DCO researchers have contributed more than 1000 publications to the scientific literature. DCO publications together form the Bibliography of Contributions to the DCO, a collective body of work that stands as testament to the program's significant advances in the field of deep carbon science.

The Bibliography of Contributions to the DCO is available in the DCO Publications Browser, where users can filter results by author, publication, subject area, and other characteristics.

DCO is also producing synthesis publications that integrate research conducted across the four science communities to realize a new understanding of deep carbon science. These include three books and a number of articles, special issues, and review papers.

DCO aims to make its publications broadly available, and therefore encourages scientists to publish open access whenever possible.

Adding Publications to the Bibliography 

DCO Science Network members can add publications to the Publications Browser by following these instructions:

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Featured Projects

Symphony in C Symphony in C

Symphony in C: Carbon and the Evolution of (Almost) Everything explores carbon’s multi-faceted characteristics in four movements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Whole Earth Carbon Whole Earth Carbon

Whole Earth Carbon is an edited volume that will tell the story of what our international community of deep carbon scientists have learned over the last decade.

History of Deep Carbon Science History of Deep Carbon Science

A History of Deep Carbon Science from Crust to Core will deliver the first history of deep carbon science from the 1400s to the present.

Earth in Five Reactions Earth in Five Reactions

The five most important carbon-related reactions on Earth will serve as the central themes in an upcoming special issue of American Mineralogist.

Frontiers Earth Science special issue Frontiers in Earth Sciences

Frontiers in Earth Sciences is hosting a special research topic “Early Career Scientist Contributions to the Deep Carbon Observatory.”

G Cubed Special Issue G-Cubed Special Issue

A new special theme in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, also known as "G-Cubed,” will explore advances in the field of deep carbon degassing.

Carbon in Earth Carbon in Earth

Carbon in Earth is a special, open-access volume, offering an in-depth look at the field of deep carbon science.

Midterm Scientific Report Midterm Scientific Report

Carbon in Earth: Quantities, Forms, Movements, and Origins relays the first five years of discovery of the ten-year Deep Carbon Observatory program.

Wikipedia DCO in Wikipedia

Wikipedia offers an immense opportunity to present deep carbon science to a broad audience. By identifying and developing new articles and refining and expanding existing ones, DCO researchers help secure DCO’s legacy by sharing advances in deep carbon science learned over this decadal program

Further Reading

Deep Carbon Science Revealed An open-access volume represents the first major collective publication of the DCO, and an astonishing look at the new field of deep carbon science.
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