Six postdoc positions in Origins of Life research associated to the new Dutch Origins Center

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The Origins Center is now recruiting six postdoctoral research fellows (3 years) for five pathfinder projects:

1) Developing, testing and operating the Origins Simulator
2) Identifying factors enabling predictability of evolution
3) Building and directing life
4) Modelling planet earth as an exoplanet
5) Mathematically understanding downward causation

We are looking for candidates with a strong background in astronomy, biophysics, chemistry, microbiology, ecology, evolutionary biology, mathematics, computational science, molecular biosciences or planetary and geosciences, and with the ability to perform innovative and multidisciplinary research. The recruited fellows will, jointly with several research groups in The Netherlands, further define and execute the projects. They will thereby be centrally involved in advanced and multidisciplinary research of great scientific and public interest.

Detailed job descriptions and the application procedure are outlinend here.

Of particular interest to the Deep Carbon Observatory community is pathfinder project 1:

Developing, testing and operating the Origins Simulator

You can find more information here. Preliminary specifications about the Origins Simulator can be found here.