2012 Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan


Date:  11-13 September 2012

Location:  Fukuoka, Japan

Related DCO Session:  G6 - Geochemistry of Hydrocarbons and the Deep Carbon Cycle

Session Convenors:  Drs. Wadeda (JAPEX), Sakata (AIST), Suzuki (Hokkaido University), and Sano (Tokyo University)

Website:  http://www.geochem.jp/english/meeting_e/index.html

Description: In recent years, unconventional fossil fuel energy (shale gas-oil, oil sands, coalbed methane) have been receiving increasing attention. In Japan and other countries, research and development efforts focusing on methane hydrates as a future energy resource have been actively conducted. Progress in exploring various geochemical aspects of these unconventional resources (formation mechanisms, novel analysis and characterization) was the focus of this special session. The deep carbon cycle including the mantle and the core was also a major topic of this special session. Our current understanding of the carbon cycle has been limited largely to the exosphere (atmosphere, oceans, and crust), which only contains a small fraction (ca. 10%) of Earth’s carbon.

This session, which was held in English, invited Japanese and international researchers from various disciplines of the geosciences to participate as a part of the coordinated international efforts of the Deep Carbon Observatory, managed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington in the USA. 

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