A.P. Sloan Foundation Grant Funds New Instrument Development


On 20 March 2012, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation approved the funding for the $1 million instrument proposal entitled "Deep Carbon Instrumentation Fund — Phase II."  

The proposal will provide modest and highly leveraged support to promote the design and construction of four critical instruments related to deep carbon research and to hold three "sandpit" style international workshops to address specific unfulfulled instrument and computational needs.  Altogether, the seven subprojects will foster several key next generation instruments that are essential to achieving specific DCO decadal goals and building an international community of researchers who are committed to the objectives of the DCO. 


1.  Combined Instrument for Molecular Imaging in Geochemistry, Smithsonian Institution, USA

2.  Novel Large-Volume Diamond Anvil Cell, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA

3.  Quantum-Cascade Laser-Infrared Absorption Spectrometer for Clumped Methane Isotope Thermometry,   
     Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

4.  Development of an Ultrafast Laser Instrument for In Situ Measurements of Thermodynamic Properties of
     Carbon-Bearing Fluids and Crystalline Materials, Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA

"Sandpit" International Workshops:

1.  Remote Sensing of Carbon Dioxide and Noble Gases, University College London, UK

2.  Experimental High-Pressure and -Temperature Bioreactors, University of Lyon, France

3.  DCO Computational Needs, University of California, Davis, USA

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