Carbon in the Earth Union Session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting

2010-12-14 - 08:00 - 2010-12-14
San Francisco, CA


AGU Union Session:  Carbon in the Earth

Two "Carbon in the Earth" Union sessions (poster U08-P and oral U08-1) were held on Tuesday, December 14 at the 2010 American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco.  The presentation titles and authors are listed below:


Oral Session:

Barbara Sherwood Lollar, University of Toronto; Christopher J. Ballentine, University of Manchester; Everett Shock, Arizona State University
Keynote:  "Deep Horizons - Implications of the deep carbon cycle for life, energy, and the environment"

Katrina Edwards, University of Southern California
"Opportunities and challenges in studies of deep life"

Rajdeep Dasgupta, Columbia University
"Petrology of deep storage, ingassing, and outgassing of terrestrial carbon"

Yingwei Fei, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Konstantin D. Litasov, Tohoku University
"Carbon cycle in the subduction zone and deep mantle:  Constraints from equilibrium experiments at high pressure and temperature"

Craig Manning, UCLA; Abby Kavner, UCLA; Anastasi Chopelas, UCLA
"On the relative roles of carbonate and molecular CO2 in subduction zones:  Implications for Earth's deep carbon cycle"

Peter E. van Kekan, University of Michigan; Bradley R. Hacker, University of California, Santa Barbara; Ellen M. Syracuse, University of Wisconsin; Geoffrey A. Abers, Columbia University
"H2O and CO2 devolatilization in subduction zones:  Implications for the global water and carbon cycles"

Wendy Mao, Stanford University
"Novel synchotron x-ray probes for deep carbon"



Poster session:

Sami Mikhail, University College London; Adrian P. Jones, University College London; Simon A. Hunt, Stony Brook University; Christalle Guillermier, PSSRI; David P. Dobson, University College London; Emma Tomlinson, RHUL; Howell Dan, GEMOC; H. Judith Milledge, University College London; Ian Franchi, PSSRI; Ian Wood, University College London; Andy Beard, Birkbeck College, Sasha Verchovsky, PSSRI
"Carbon isotope fractionation between Fe-carbide and diamond; a light C isotope reservoir in the deep Earth and core?"


Eglantine Boulard, IMPMC; Alexandre Gloter, Universite Paris; Alexandre Corgne, IPGP; Daniele Antonangeli, IMPMC; Anne Line Auzende, IMPMC; Jean-Philippe Perrillat, ESRF; Francois J. Guyot, IMPMC; Guillaume Fiquet, IMPMC
"A new carbonate chemistry in the Earth's lower mantle"


Konstantin Litasov, Tohoku University; Anton Shatskiy, Tohoku University; Eiji Ohtani, Tohoku University
"Melting phase relations of K- and Na-bearing carbonatite at 3-21 GPa with implication to deep carbon cycle"


Gray Bebout, Lehigh University; Lauren D. Anderson, Lehigh University; Philippe Agard, Universite P.M. Curie; Cara Bastoni, Lehigh University; Gregory Sills, Lehigh University; Andrea M. McCall, Lehigh University
"Retention of metasedimentary carbon during subduction through forearcs:  Evidence from HP/UHP rocks"


David R. Hilton, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Peter H. Barry, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Tobias P. Fischer, University of New Mexico
"Towards understanding carbon recycling at subduction zones - lessons from Central America"


Peter H. Barry,  Scripps Institution of Oceanography; David R. Hilton, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Evelyn Fueri, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Saemundur Ari Halldorsson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Tobias P. Fischer, University of New Mexico; Karl Gronvold, University of Iceland
"Abundance and isotope systematics of carbon in subglacial basalts, geothermal gases and fluids from Iceland's rift zones"


Ken Bailey, University of Bristol; Emma Humphreys, University of Bristol
"The role of carbonatitic volcanism in the degassing of mantle CO2"


Seth D. Humphries, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Samuel M. Clegg, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Thom Rahn, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Julianna E. Fessenden, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Laura Dobeck, Montana State University; Lee Spangler, Montana State University; Travis L. McLing, Idaho National Laboratory
"Measurements of CO2 carbon stable isotopes at artificial and natural analog sites"


Gabriela Farfan, Stanford University; Shibing Wang, Stanford University; Hongwei Ma, Stanford University; Maria Baldini, Stanford University; Kevin Mu, Saratoga High School; Natasha B. Filipovitch, Stanford University; razvan Caracas, Ecole normale superieure de Lyon; Wendy L. Mao, Stanford University
"Bonding and structural changes in siderite at high pressure"


Carmen Sanchez-Valle, ETH Zurich; Angelika Dorothea Rosa, ETH Zurich; Sujoy Ghosh, ETH Zurich
"Single-crystal elastic properties of carbonates along the MgCO3-FeCO3 join"


Stefano Poli, ETH Zurich; Ettore Franzolin, ETH Zurich; Max W. Schmidt, ETH Zurich; Marco Merlini, Universita di Milano
"An experimentally-based thermodynamic model for the system CaCO3-MgC)3-FeCO3 at pressures to 6 GPa and implications for carbon mobility in subduction zones"


Davide Mantegazzi, ETH Zurich; Carmen Sanchez-Valle, ETH Zurich; Thomas Driesner, ETH Zurich
"Thermodynamic properties of carbonate-bearing fluids at high P-T conditions and the deep carbon cycle"


Kasumi Sakata, Osaka University; Hikaru Yabuta, Osaka University
"Metal ion effects on the kinetics of abiotic formation of glycylglycine and diketopiperazine under the simulated conditions of the Lost City hydrothermal field"


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