Carbon Geodynamics U.K. Scoping Study


The U.K.’s National Environmental Research Council (NERC) is funding a scoping study called ‘Carbon Geodynamics’ under a recent proposal call entitled “The controlling influence of the core and mantle on a habitable planet.” The purpose of the scoping study, which is one of eight selected, is to help inform and frame the commissioning of a possible new NERC funding program relating the deep Earth to the surface.

The Carbon Geodynamics scoping study is predicated on the thesis that the mantle and core have, through a dynamic deep carbon cycle, exerted a major control on the form and budget of carbon at the surface through deep geological time. The scoping study aims to determine how best to utilize U.K. strengths in areas such as geochemistry, mineral physics, geodynamics, experimental petrology, and diamond studies to attack the outstanding issues related to the deep carbon cycle. The study will also explore the possible advantages of linking a NERC funding program directly to the initiatives and directives of the Deep Carbon Observatory.

A workshop is being planned for February 2011 in London and will be comprised of the scoping study primary investigators (M. Bickle, Cambridge; A. Jones, C. Lithgow-Bertelloni, and L. Vocadlo, University College London, and M. Walter, University of Bristol), potential U.K. stakeholders, as well as DCO and other international advisors.

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