Dark Energy Biosphere Institute: Ocean Crust Processes and Consequences for Life Meeting

2012-06-06 - 08:00 - 2012-06-06
University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany


Dates:  6-8 June, 2012

Location:  University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Organizers:  Heiner Villger, Ulla Rohl, and Wolfgang Bach

Website http://www.darkenergybiosphere.org/RCN/meetings/2012.html

The Dark Energy Biosphere Institute Research Coordination Network (DEBI RCN) holds annual, theme-based meetings to enable scientists and students to exchange ideas in deep biosphere studies, to learn about practical developments and study opportunities in the field, and to coordinate research and education activities. Each meeting is part scientific conference and part training workshop, both parts focused on a specific theme within deep biosphere research. 

The DEBI RCN meeting focused on processes in the ocean crust, from formation to subduction, and consequences for ocean-crust exchange budgets and subseafloor life. It provided a forum for presenting and discussing the most recent results in ocean crust processes and identifying the most pressing challenges that lie ahead. Specific focus will be on (1) crustal heterogeneity and fluid flow, (2) ocean-crust interactions, and (3) the role of microbes in rock alteration.  All undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and principal investigators interested in the study of ocean crust processes and consequences for life were invited to apply to attend the meeting.  

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