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The last week of August, 2013, saw the city of Florence, Italy, play host to the 23rd Goldschmidt conference. This conference is the pre-eminent meeting of geochemists from around the world, and saw record attendance in excess of 4,000 scientists. Run jointly by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society, the meeting also attracts government and industry decision makers, as well as significant media attention.

There was an exceptional DCO contribution to the meeting in Florence. Current EAG President and Deep Energy Scientific Steering Committee member Chris Ballentine was heavily involved on the organizing committee, as was Reservoirs and Fluxes Scientific Steering Committee member Bernard Marty. Along with the other members of the organizing committee and the many conference volunteers, they topped all previous years in terms of attendance, and convened a broadly engrossing and intellectually lively scientific program. 

Of particular note in the scientific program was a plenary lecture delivered by Robert Hazen, DCO’s Executive Director. As one of five plenary lecturers, Hazen commanded an engaged audience as he spoke about the importance of Earth’s global carbon cycle over the planet’s 4.5 billion year history. Carbon is a vital element, and its unique chemistry is crucial to the past, present and future of life on Earth.

Goldschmidt 2013 also played host to a meeting of DMGC (Diamonds and Mantle Geochemistry), one of the projects currently ongoing in the Reservoirs and Fluxes Community. 13 scientific contributors to the project were in attendance, including Steve Shirey, Adrian Jones, Kerstin Lehnert, and Fabrizio Nestola. Along with big picture goals for the next few years, DMGC researchers also discussed important database and sample sharing within DCO. 

Besides the stellar science on offer to the attendees, social events were various, and included a cheese and wine evening and a banquet to honor medal and poster award winners. Of particular note, DCOs Kerstin Lehnert (Columbia University, USA), Igor Tolstikhin (Russian Academy of Sciences), and Yingwei Fei (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA) were all honored, and we congratulate them on their awards.

Goldschmidt 2014 will take place in Sacramento, CA, USA, from June 8-13, with Prague, Czech Republic, already named as host for 2015.


Photos: Thanks to the talented Aude Picard.

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