First Deep Life Scientific Steering Committee Meeting

Dates:  June 6-7, 2011

Location:  Bremen, Germany

Attendees:  DCO Deep Life Directorate Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) Members

This meeting took two tracks towards building a strategy for the Deep Life Directorate (DLD).  The first was to consider the Catalina Deep Life Workshop White Paper along with recently submitted concept papers to develop a consensus view about the Deep Life Directorate's priorities.  The second track was to think beyond conventional biological paradigms in setting DLD goals. 

Significant upcoming tasks for the DLD include:  1) preparation of a future proposal to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to leverage deep life research, and 2) development of the deep life section of the upcoming Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry special volume on Deep Carbon for which DCO EC Member John Baross will be deep life editor. 



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