Funding Approved for Deep Energy Directorate Proposal

On June 21, 2011, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation approved the funding for the $1.5 million Deep Energy Directorate proposal entitled "Reduced Carbon in Earth's Crust and Mantle I: Abiogenic versus Biogenic Origins.” The proposal's overarching goal is to develop a fundamental understanding of environments and processes that regulate the chemical, mineralogical and isotopic signatures that could be used to unambiguously differentiate abiogenic from biogenic sources of hydrocarbons. 

Developing robust criteria that can differentiate between abiogenic and biogenic sources of hydrocarbons has far reaching implications for how we view Deep Energy in the context of the Global Carbon Cycle.  This project involves over a dozen PIs from seven countries who will work on five synergistic subthemes that link the study of a global Field-Network of potential abiogenic hydrocarbon sites with an Experimental-Network that will provide the fundamental understanding of processes that control the chemical and isotopic compositions attendant with C-O-H fluid-rock interactions. 


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