Funding Approved for PCC Directorate Proposal


On October 18, 2011, The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation approved the funding for the $1.5 million Physics and Chemistry of Carbon (PCC) Directorate proposal entitled "Physics and Chemistry of Deep Carbon-bearing Fluids and Minerals.” The proposal's overarching goal is to develop experimentally validated predictive capabilities underpinning a fundamental understanding of the properties and behavior of carbon and carbon-bearing materials under the conditions of the deep Earth. 

The proposal objectives are to: 1) Develop a comprehensive thermodynamic model of the phase stability and physical properties of C-bearing fluids and minerals; 2) Develop strategies and tools to investigate dynamical and kinetic processes that can be applied to predicting speciation of carbon-bearing materials under deep Earth conditions; and 3) Develop strategies and tools specific for surface and interface characterizations under pressure.

Professors Giulia Galli, University of California Davis, and Craig Manning, University of California Los Angeles, are the co-PIs on the proposal and the co-chairs of the PCC Directorate.

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