Gordon Research Conference: Natural Gas Hydrate Systems

2012-03-18 - 08:00 - 2012-03-23
Ventura, CA


Occurrence and Dynamic Behavior in Hydrates:  Past and Present

Date:  March 18-23, 2012

Location:  Ventura, CA

Chair:  Peter B. Flemings

Website:  http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2012&program=naturalgas

2012 marks the 2nd Gordon Research Conference on Natural Gas Hydrates. This conference combined cutting-edge presentations on field, experimental, and modeling studies that enhance our understanding of gas hydrates and their interaction with sediments, pore fluids, and the biosphere on pore-space to planetary-spatial and temporal scales. The meeting emphasized the occurrences and processes that influence the dynamic systems of present day and palaeo-hydrates, including marine and terrestrial and permafrost gas hydrate systems. The conference brought together academic, government, and industry researchers from all career stages to a week-long retreat-style meeting. This GRC specifically encouraged intensive exchange and discussion of unpublished, state-of-the-art, advances in gas hydrate sciences and allied disciplines. Participants included geoscientists, microbiologists, physicists, and chemists, as well as energy, geotechnical, and chemical engineers. Those not giving an oral presentation had the opportunity to contribute a poster to the conference. The poster sessions, longer-format talks with no concurrent sessions, and extended discussion sessions, together with informal activities are the hallmarks of Gordon Research Conferences. 

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