Japan Geoscience Union Meeting

2012-05-20 - 08:00 - 2012-05-25
Makuhari, Japan


Dates:  20-25 May, 2012

Location:  Makuhari, Japan


Special Session: Deep Carbon Cycle (M-ISO4)

Conveners: Eiji Ohtani (Tohoku University), Hiroyuki Kagi (University of Tokyo)

An interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary oral and poster session on the Deep Carbon Cycle was part of the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting (JpGU). Carbon is a vital element in the earth and the other planets. This session covered deep carbon reservoir and fluxes, the nature of deep life, as well as carbon issues related to energy, environment, and climate. The conveners encouraged contributions from broad fields of Earth and planetary science including biology at extreme conditions.

Invited talks:

“The MoHole: Journey to the Earth's mantle" 
Katsuyoshi Michibayashi(Shizuoka University)

“Challenges to Explore the Terrestrial Subsurface Biosphere in Japan" 
Yohey Suzuki(University of Tokyo)

“Role of volatiles on petit-spot volcanoes" 
Naoto Hirano(Tohoku University)

“Phase relations in peridotite and eclogite systems with H2O and CO2 at 3-27 GPa" 
Konstantin Litasov(Tohoku University)

“Density and magnetic properties Fe_{7}C_{3} to 1.7 Mbar with implications for carbon in the Earth's inner core" 
Jie Li(University of Michigan)


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