May 2010 Newsletter



  • Starting June 1, Andrea Johnson Mangum joins the DCO Secretariat as the Program Associate. She has extensive program management experience and we are looking forward to her joining the DCO team.


  • Eiji Ohtani organized a Deep Carbon Cycle session at the Japan Geoscience Union Meeting on May 23rd.  The co-conveners were Yoshiyuki Tatsumi from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and Rus Hemley from The Carnegie Institution of Washington's Geophysical Laboratory.  The aim of the Deep Carbon Cycle session was to discuss the role of carbon in whole Earth dynamics and related carbon science.  Robert Hazen presented a lecture on "The Deep Carbon Observatory".  Session Link


  • Click here for the March 2010 Working Group Meeting Whitepaper.  The DCO invites your input on the ideas presented in the whitepaper. 


  • The Program Director in Geobiology and Low-temperature Geochemistry, Marilyn Fogel, along with her colleagues, Dr. Enriqueta Barrera (Surface Earth Processes Section Head, NSF), Dr. Marty Goldhaber (USGS), and Dr. Kate Freeman (Penn State), are planning to hold a NSF-hosted Town Hall meetings this summer for the community to discuss common research themes, the near and longer term future for this relatively new field, and a strategy for gaining more impact in earth, space, and ecosystem science. The meeting (or mini-workshop) is open to the community.
  • Goldschmidt Conference 2010:  Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville, Tennessee, will be held 13-18 June 2010.  They have reserved a conference room on Tuesday (June 15th) evening from 6:30-8:30 pm  This Town Hall meeting will engage the Geochemistry community in formulating new ideas.  Registration for the meeting will be free and available through the Geochemical Society Goldschmidt conference web site.    


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