Message from the Director - April 2012


The first workshop convened by the DCO's Physics and Chemistry of Carbon (PCC) Directorate generated new ideas for exciting collaborations.  Organized by PCC Co-Chairs Giulia Galli and Craig Manning, this highly successful workshop was held at the University of California, Davis on 29-31 March 2012.  


The opening session of the workshop included presentations about ongoing and planned activities of the Deep Carbon Observatory's four science directorates (Deep Energy, Deep Life, Reservoirs and Fluxes, and Physics and Chemistry of Carbon).  These presentations provided context for the meeting.  


The core of the workshop was a set of 13 presentations by participants in a PCC grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  These forward-looking presentations focused on science plans and activities, as well as and plans for collaboration within PCC and with other DCO directorates.  These talks were complemented by presentations from invited guests, PCC Scientific Steering Committee Members, and DCO Executive Committee members.  


The presentations were followed by general discussions on: 1) how to revise and strengthen the PCC goals; 2) how to foster collaborations and bring the whole team together, and; 3) how to leverage funding from the Sloan Foundation.  A list of presentations is provided below and additional information about the workshop is available online.  The first PCC workshop serves as an excellent model for future DCO workshops.  



DCO Physics and Chemistry of Carbon Workshop


Physics and Chemistry of Carbon Talks

A. Goncharov: Hydrocarbons under conditions of deep Earth
W. Mao: Novel synchrotron x-ray probes for deep carbon
C.S. Yoo: Extended carbon dioxide in earth mantle conditions
A. Navrotsky: Carbon-silicate interactions at high P and T
T. Li: Insight into nucleation mechanism of carbon bearing crystals 

R. Bini: The DCO initiative at LENS: Probing reactivity and dynamics of hydrocarbons and clathrate hydrates at high-pressure. 

C. Manning: Experimental constraints on aqueous chemistry of carbon at high pressure
E. Schwegler: Ab initio simulations of complex mixtures
G. Galli: Aqueous chemistry of carbon at interfaces using ab initio calculations
Z. Wu: Better density functionals for carbon-bearing aqueous fluids 

S. Saxena: Strategy for creating an internally consistent thermodynamic database for DCO 

E. Shock: Metastable organic equilibria at high pressures and temperatures
D. Sverjensky: Progress on predicting mineral solubilities at mantle pressures 


Guest Talks

M. Ghiorso: A new model for H2O-CO2 fluid solubility in silicate melts 

D. Klug: Dense clathrate hydrates: Structures, dynamics, and phase transitions
M. Saitta: Earth-relevant systems under extreme conditions at Sorbonne University
S. Scandolo: Ab-initio simulations of selected carbon-bearing systems at extreme conditions 

N. Sobolev: Coexisting mineral and fluid includes in natural diamonds
J. Badro: Carbon content of Earth's core 


Complementary DCO Talks 

D. Cole: Overview of Deep Energy
I. Daniel& M. Sogin: Overview of Deep Life

C. Jaupart: Overview of Reservoir and Fluxes
C. Manning: Overview of Physics and Chemistry

R. Hazen: Overview of cross directorate initiative: Earth materials data infrastructure 

J. Erickson: DCO Data science 

J. Ausubel: Sloan Foundation Perspectives

C. Schiffries: The Deep Carbon Observatory: Transformational Scientific Opportunities



Future DCO Workshops and Meetings


DCO is convening and co-sponsoring a series of upcoming workshops and meetings, including:


  • DCO Deep Energy Workshop: 3-4 May 2012, Paris, France
  • Sixth International Symposium on Isotopomers, 18-22 June 2012, Washington, DC, USA
  • Serpentine Days Workshop: 2-6 September 2012, Porquerolles Island, France 
  • ICDP Workshop on Oman Drilling Project: 13-17 September 2012, Palisades, NY, USA
  • DCO Executive Committee Meeting: 20-21 September 2012, Berlin, Germany


The Deep Carbon Observatory is also sponsoring scientific sessions and events at upcoming scientific conferences, including the Goldschmidt Conference and Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.  


Craig M. Schiffries
Tel:  (202) 478-8819



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