Sloan Foundation Awards Grant to DCO Secretariat




The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation awarded a $2.25 million grant to the Carnegie Institution of Washington for continued support of the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) Secretariat in 2012-2014.  Generous support from the Sloan Foundation ensures continued scientific leadership of the DCO through communication, coordination, community building, and fundraising. The Secretariat is the core of DCO administrative activity and as such it organizes meetings of the DCO advisory structure and coordinates activities and communications among the DCO Directorates, science projects, and the emerging Engagement and Data teams. The Secretariat seeks to build partnerships internationally with industry, institutions, large science programs, and government agencies.

The DCO Secretariat strives to foster a thriving, enthusiastic, and productive international community of researchers who are individually and collectively dedicated to achieving a transformational understanding of carbon’s chemical and biological roles within Earth



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