DCO Reservoirs and Fluxes Symposium

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Reservoirs and Fluxes Symposium

Sunday, 27th October 2019

Carnegie Institution for Science, 1530 P St NW, Washington DC



Reservoirs and Fluxes of Carbon in Earth: Decadal Highlights and Future Perspectives

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8:00     Breakfast

I.    Volcanic carbon outgassing: advances and challenges 

 8:30    Tobias Fischer The DCO-DECADE Initiative: Outlook and Future Challenges
 9:10    Alessandro Aiuppa Understanding magmatic carbon origin and cycling using globally linked gas (CO2/ST ratio) vs rock (trace element) compositions
 9:35    Emma Liu Aerial strategies push the frontiers for field measurements of volcanic carbon emissions
10:00   Cindy Werner Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Subaerial Volcanic Regions


10:25     Coffee


II.    Perspectives on subduction processing of carbon

11:00     Graham Pearson Isotopic links between the subducting slab and diamonds in the transition zone
11:25   Sonja Aulbach The lithospheric mantle as a transient carbon repository
11:50     Mike Walter Understanding what superdeep inclusions in diamond reveal about fluids and reactive transport in the deep mantle: A perspective on experiment and theory
12:15     Andrew Thomson Some new insights into the formation of superdeep diamonds


12:40      Lunch


14:00     Steve Shirey Altered peridotites in cold slabs: A newly-evident deep subduction pathway for carbon
14:25     Terry Plank Subducting Carbon


14:50     Coffee


III.     Global carbon budgets and modeling

15:15    Dietmar Muller The future of deep-time carbon cycle modelling
15:55    Marc Hirschmann What is the average C content of the mantle?
16:20    Bernard Marty Carbon fluxes through time


16:45    Discussion and close

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