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DECADE - Volcanic CO2 Emissions from the Vanuatu Arc
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2014-08-05 2014-08-21
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The project goal is to improve estimates of volcanic CO2 emissions from actively degassing volcanoes in the Vanuatu island arc. Specific project objectives are to quantify CO2/SO2 ratios and SO2 emission rates, and derive CO2 emission rates in plumes from Gaua and Aoba volcanoes (Vanuatu). Gaua and Aoba are known to be strong sources of volcanic SO2 but to date their CO2 emissions remain unquantified. Proposed activities include fieldwork at Gaua and Aoba volcanoes (Vanuatu), during which we will conduct remote sensing (Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) and ultraviolet spectroscopy) and in-situ measurements of volcanic gas composition. The collected ground-based data will also be used to validate satellite measurements of SO2 emissions. Expected products include new measurements of CO2/SO2 ratios, SO2 emission rates and CO2 emission rates from active volcanoes in the Vanuatu arc.  Expected outcomes include improved constraints on volcanic CO2 emissions in Vanuatu, location of some of the world’s strongest sources of volcanic degassing, and hence improved understanding of global volcanic CO2 emissions.
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