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DECADE - Direct Gas Samples Database Support
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In the early phase of work on the “direct-sampling” side of the database, amendments were made to the existing PetDB structure that would allow gas data to be incorporated. Five sample papers that encompass a representative cross section of gas sampling types were selected, and adjustments to the database structure were made iteratively and in consultations with Kerstin Lehnert and her team until this new data could be accommodated. New vocabulary terms to incorporate into PetDB in order to fully describe the new gas data were compiled and submitted for entry into PetDB’s “Controlled Lists.” Several key database changes that require new programming are curently identified. Further data entry into PetDB has been halted until these changes have been made. Access to the Italian’s MaGa database from Carlo Cardellini was gained and tested for their online interface. Collaborating with Brendan McCormick made it possible to build a Zotero online library of volcanic gas emissions papers, which contains 356 references to date.

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