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DECADE - Evaluation of Extant and Emerging Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Technology for Quantifying Volcanic CO2 Emissions
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Direct satellite measurements of volcanic CO2 released during the explosive eruption of Mount Kasatochi (USA) in August 2008 reveal CO2 in excess of background, and satellite-based CO2/SO2 ratios result in a best estimate of total CO2 mass ejected of 12-56 Tg. Extrapolating these numbers results in 8-39 Tg/y total global CO2 emissions from explosive volcanism. Our results therefore demonstrate the capability of current satellite instruments to detect and quantify CO2 emissions from eruptions with relatively large gas output and suggest that explosive volcanism contributes substantially to subaerial volcanic CO2 emissions.

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  • RY2014-1 - submitted on Aug 31, 2014

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    C. Popp, B. J. Andrews, K. Chance, and E. Cottrell “Satellite observations of carbon dioxide emissions from the 2008 eruption of Kasatochi volcano,” under review for publication in JVGR, 2014
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