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DECADE - Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago
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2014-07-24 2014-10-15
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This project is inserted in the DECADE initiative of the DCO and intends to improve the knowledge about CO2 volcanic emissions in Terceira Island, where very little is known about the secondary manifestations of volcanism. The only fumarolic field found in the island is located in the central part of the island, where the NW-SE periodically active basaltic fissure zone intersects the dormant volcanic structure of Pico Alto. Integration of gas geochemical (soil degassing, fumarolic fields), structural, and petrological data (fluid inclusions) will contribute not only to estimate the CO2 released in this volcanic area, but also to understand the origin of the volatiles trying to follow the path from depth until surface. To accomplish these objectives, we will carry out extensive field surveys at Terceira Island to sample gas released from soils and from the fumarolic emissions, as well as collect adequate rock samples to perform fluid inclusions studies. At the same time as the soil CO2 flux measurements, we will collect gas samples to measure carbon isotopic compositions based on the accumulation chamber method. In addition, modeling of the soil CO2 flux variations in the permanent CO2 flux station installed at Furnas do Enxofre fumarolic field will contribute to identifying external factors (e.g., meteorological) that may interfere with the CO2 emission, as well as recognize daily and seasonal variations which were already observed in other degassing areas of the Azores archipelago. Terceira Island may thus be used as a test site to integrate different methodologies that can be extrapolated to other degassing areas.

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  • Update 2015: DECADE - Terciera Island, Azores, Archipelago - submitted on Oct 05, 2015

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    Submitted by Fátima Viveiros, September 2015

    In December 2014 carbon isotopic composition of the fluid inclusions found in olivines of Terceira rock samples were analysed in the laboratories of the INGV-Palermo. Data obtained during these study is being elaborated and integrated to purpose a model of the degassing path from mantle to the surface for the central part of Terceira volcanic area.

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