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C-Fe-Mn Interactions Within Suspended Particulates in North Pond Basement Fluids
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2014-06-01 2014-11-30
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In recent years, there has been growing interest in exploring the interactions between chemically reduced basaltic rock and a hydrologically active (often oxic) subseafloor aquifer, from the perspective of small-scale microbe-mineral interactions to global-scale biogeochemical cycling. This project focuses on understanding the relationship between fluid chemistry, mineral phases, and biomass production in subseafloor fluids from a relatively young (~8 million years) oceanic ridge crust that is hydrologically very active and dominated by aquifer mixing with oxic bottom seawater. Specifically, the speciation of solid-phase C, Fe, Mn, will be measured in samples collected from CORK borehole observatories. This project will perform in situ filtration of basement fluids from multiple isolated horizons at the North Pond CORK observatory suite (western mid-Atlantic Ridge Flank), and examine particle composition and elemental distribution for C, Fe, and Mn using synchrotron techniques. 

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