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Carbon in Solids
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Carbon exists in the solid state in many forms and may exist over a wide range of conditions in planetary interiors. However, much remains uncertain about carbon solids, including carbon bonding environments, structure and crystal chemistry, stability ranges, reaction rates and rheology, and relative abundance. We will (1) continue work on extended CO2 polymorphs, focusing on CO2-SiO2 reactions, (2) investigate reactions of CO2 with mantle silicates, (3) study statics and dynamics of high-pressure structural transformations and reactivity in CH4, H2O, CH4-H2O ice and clathrates, (4) create ab initio molecular dynamics simulations and quantum chemical calculations to investigate experimental results, (5) study phase diagrams and thermal elasticity of carbonate and carbides at core-mantle boundary conditions, (6) study the reactivity of perovskite with hydrous phases and carbonates in the lowermost mantle and core-mantle boundary, and (7) examine key aspects of Si-C bonding in silicate minerals.
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