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Development of Laser Isotope Ratio-meter (LIR) for Volcanic Field Deployment
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2014-05-01 2015-06-30
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This project is a major step in developing a miniature portable system for carbon isotopic analysis in harsh volcanic environments. It is being funded with DCO instrumentation funding following its endorsement at the September 2013 DCO Volcanic Gas Instrumentation Workshop.

The project goal is to demonstrate a novel laser isotope ratio-meter (LIR) operating in volcano field areas and ultimately to deploy unattended, autonomous, miniature LIRS that produce high-quality, real time, streaming data on the isotopic composition of CO2 in volcanic gases and determination of fluxes using transport data.

Activities will include preparation of an existing prototype instrument for volcanic field operation, validation of the instrument and field protocols, and deployment in field tests in the Naples, Italy area.

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