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The Microbial Biogeography of the Sulfate-Methane Transition Zone
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2014-08-01 2014-12-31
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This project will sample SMTZ’s from multiple sites within four globally separated geographic regions of the global ocean including the Bering Sea (IODP Expedition 323 sites U1343-U1345),  Indian Ocean  (NGHP Expedition 1 Sites 3B, 7A, 10A, 14A, 15A, 17A), Peru Margin (ODP Leg 201 Sites U1227-1230) and the Oregon Margin (ODP Leg 204 Sites 1244 and 1251). Samples from the Bering Sea,  Indian Ocean and Peru Margin are currently in hand while Oregon Margin samples will be requested from the IODP sample repository. By examining the SMTZ community composition of these globally dispersed sites, the project will elucidate: (a) variation in microbial communities within and between geographic locations;  (b)  examine differences in “active” community members (RNA vs DNA) and (c) determine the environmental factors responsible [total organic carbon (TOC), sediment age, sediment depth, water depth, dissolved chemistry (e.g., [H2S] concentrations and fluxes of [SO4-], [CH4]), lithology, etc.] for observed differences in SMTZ community composition and diversity.
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