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DCO Summer School 2014
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2013-01-01 2014-12-31
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The first Deep Carbon Observatory Summer School took place 13-18 July 2014 at Big Sky Resort, MT, USA, with field trips into Yellowstone National Park, WY. Co-organized by Adrian Jones (University College London, UK), John Baross (University of Washington, USA), and Andrea Mangum (DCO Secretariat), the Summer School brought together 36 graduate students, postdocs, and early career researchers from 14 countries for a week of interactive learning and networking.

The purpose of the program was to introduce participants interested in deep carbon science to the interdisciplinary concepts that are the cornerstone of DCO’s approach to understanding Earth. The curriculum reflected DCO’s broad interests, and the program’s structure gave participants multiple opportunities to interact and share their respective interests in deep carbon science. Yellowstone proved an ideal location to study deep carbon due to the volcanic degassing of deep volatiles above a mantle plume, surface and crustal fluid interactions, and extreme biological habitats.

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  • RY2014-1 - submitted on Aug 31, 2014

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    [August 2014] The 2014 DCO Summer School was successfully completed by 36 students from 14 nations. The 5-day course included two full-day field trips into Yellowstone National Park with three Yellowstone experts (Lisa Morgan, USGS Emeritus; Pat Shanks, USGS Emeritus; Bill Inskeep, Montana State University) and three days of lecture, discussion, and poster sessions at Big Sky Resort in Montana. Instructors in addition to the field instructors and school organizers (Adrian Jones, University College London, and John Baross, University of Washington) included Dave Cole, Ohio State; Peter Fox and Marshall Ma, DCO Data Science Team/RPI; Mitch Sogin, MBL; Sunshine Menezes and Katie Pratt, DCO Engagement Team/URI.

    The Summer School 2014 participants have formed a Facebook page for interaction and networking following the event. Most of the students have completed Summer School exit surveys. Surveys have not yet been reviewed as of 14 August 2014. 

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