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Exploration of Fungal Activities in the Deep Subseafloor
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2014-10-01 2015-04-01
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This project will develop a eukaryote-focused metatranscriptome analysis of deep subsurface Peru Margin sediments where some evidence has been found previously for active fungal populations. This study would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the abilities of fungi to survive on a variety of possible C substrates in the deep buried subsurface and their potentially important impact on biogeochemical cycles, and in particular, on carbon turnover in subseafloor sediments. We will employ Paired-end Illumina MiSeq sequencing of expressed genes in core samples from Peru Margin site 1229A to determine if fungi are actively involved in organic matter degradation (e.g.,  amino acid, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism) in these samples, which activities associated with degradation of specific C sources are the most highly expressed, and what enzymes and metabolic pathways are involved. Samples from Peru Margin site 1229A will be obtained from A. Teske at UNC Chapel Hill. Replicate meta-transcriptome libraries will be generated from 4 g sediment samples from 6 mbsf and 95 mbsf using poly-A selection to enrich for eukaryotic transcripts. Replicate iTAG (18S rRNA) libraries generated from inside and outside each core will aid detection of contaminants.


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