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Census of Deep Life Phase II-III
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2014-01-01 2015-12-31
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The Census of Deep Life (CoDL) seeks to identify the diversity and distribution of microbial life in continental and marine deep subsurface environments. This project directly addresses deep life’s Decadal Goal I to develop a global 3-D census of diversity in continental and marine deep subsurface environments and to explore mechanisms that govern microbial evolution and dispersal in the deep biosphere. It contributes to Decadal Goal II by informing us about the limits of life and metabolic properties necessary to adapt to deep subsurface environments. With the introduction of shotgun metagenomics, the CoDL will address key functional questions about deep life.  We will switch from 454 to more efficient Illuimina sequencing technology. This project is funded under the umbrella of the Deep Life Community proposal Deep Life 2013-10-03. 

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  • RY2014-1 - submitted on Aug 31, 2014

    Update Details:

    As of August 2014 only a few projects have finished sample preparation and shipment to the MBL for molecular analysis.  We will update this in a later report.
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