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DECADE - Degassing at Villarrica and Llaima Volcanoes
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2010-03-01 2014-12-31
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The neighboring volcanoes Villarrica and Llaima are at present two of the most active persistently degassing volcanoes in Chile, and have produced 60 and 50 historical eruptions, respectively. Villarrica volcano activity is characterized by recurrent, mildly strombolian activity and continuous degassing from a permanent lava lake within the summit crater, pressent since it last erupted in 1984/85. In contrast, Llaima volcano exhibits constant fumarolic activity since the most recent eruption, which ended in 2009. In cooperation with the Chilean volcano observatory (OVDAS), we measure semi-continuous time series of SO2 fluxes using permanent scanning Mini-DOAS stations. We combine and correlate degassing data with seismic and chemical data.
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