DCO Webinar Wednesdays: Data Science for Geosciences: Analytics

2018-08-08 - 08:00 - 2018-08-08


A Prabhu - webinar

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The last 30 years have seen a revolution in the development and availability of big data resources in different geoscience fields, such as EarthChem, NavDat, mindat.org and Paleobiology Database. The increases in the volume, variety and velocity of data make it very important for geoscientists to know methods and techniques in data management and analytics.

Data and Information analytics extends analyses (descriptive and predictive models to obtain knowledge from data) by using insight to recommend action or to guide and communicate decision-making. Thus, analytics is not so much concerned with individual analyses or analysis steps, but with an entire methodology.

This webinar aims to use real-world “geoscience use cases” to introduce participants to relevant methods to recognize and apply quantitative algorithms, techniques and interpret results. Thus, helping participants solve scientific problems using data/model-driven decision-making. 

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