Earth in Five Reactions Workshop 2018

2018-03-22 - 08:00 - 2018-03-23
Carnegie Institution for Science, Washington, DC, USA

The DCO Science Network is being polled to ask their views of the "Five most important carbon-related reactions" on Earth.  Using the polling results as the basis for discussion, Principal Investigators Jackie Lie and Simon Redfern are convening a workshop to discuss and decide upon the five reactions, and to develop a framework for moving the process forward via committees that will be established at the workshop. Through keynote talks, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, participants will agree upon the five most important and relevant reactions that impact deep carbon science. Once this agreement has been reached, these reactions will be used as a framework upon which to build and disseminate DCO-wide synthesis results. 

Workshop participation will by invitation and include a cross-section of DCO members, including early career scientists, and representatives of a variety of media to ensure the agreed upon reactions will resonate with a public audience and to explore various ways to present the reactions. A visual illustrator also will participate to document and facilitate the discussion.  



Thursday 22 March 2018, full-day workshop
Friday 23 March 2018, full-day workshop


Carnegie Institution for Science
1530 P St., NW
Washington, DC 20005



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