ECORD Summer School 2014: Subseafloor Biosphere: Current Advances and Future Challenges

2014-09-22 - 08:00 - 2014-10-02
MARUM- Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany
The Topic
The deep subseafloor biosphere may be one of the largest ecosystems on our planet, driving subseafloor geochemical processes that affect ocean chemistry, the global carbon cycle, and the alteration of sediment and rocks. Its exploration means investigation of microbial communities at the limit of life and requires advancement of microbiological and biogeochemical methods. This summer school will address the latest developments in the investigation of the deep marine biosphere.
The School
This summer school will combine lab exercises on IODP-style shipboard methodologies (”virtual ship”) as well as interactive lectures by world-leading scientists in the fields of geomicrobiology and biogeochemistry. Participation will prepare you for future involvement in IODP and for research on the deep subseaflorr biosphere. The summer school will take advantage of the unique and integrated facilities offered by the IODP
Bremen Core Repository and the MARUM laboratories.
To apply, please send your application (Letter of motivation, CV, registration form and one letter of support, combined into a single PDF file) to Jutta Bülten in the GLOMAR office ( The registration form can be found on the webpage of the summer school. A total of 30 participants can be accepted. The course fee is €120. Travel, accommodation and meals must be covered by the participants.
The application deadline is 9 May 2014.
ECORD provides scholarships for students to attend ECORD summer schools. Applications from students of non-ECORD countries are also accepted. The deadline for applications to get an ECORD Scholarship will be announced on the webpage of the summer school. 
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