Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposia (IRESS 2018): Whole Earth Carbon Cycling - Bridging Academia and Industry

2018-02-22 - 08:00 - 2018-02-23
Rice University, Houston, TX, USA
The 2018 Industry-Rice Earth Science Symposia will bring together a diverse set of experts from academia and industry to follow carbon from its geology to its biology to its use as the energy that sustaints 7 billion people on our planet.  How has carbon cycling evolved on Earth? How do these long term geologic processes lead to the formation of hydrocarbon source rocks.
We will also discuss carbon in the context of energy, from the origin of hydrocarbon source rocks to the generation of reservoirs to new technologies for rock characterization, hydrocarbon exploration, and enhancing production.  Finally, we will discuss carbon economics and policy in terms of energy, environment and society.  IRESS 2018 represents a unique opportunity to have a vigorous discussion about carbon in the context of economic growth and the habitability of our planet.
IRESS DAY 1 – 22 Feb 2018
Theme 1: Whole Earth Carbon Cycling
Session Leaders (Cin-Ty Lee, Gerald Dickens, Francis Albarede)
  • Lee Kump (Penn State) – long term carbon cycling
  • Mark Torres (Rice) – carbon cycling, sedimentary perspectives
  • Chris Reinhard (Georgia Tech) – nutrient and carbon cycling
  • Marie Edmonds (Cambridge University) – volatile fluxing through volcanoes
Theme 2: Unconventional Science
Session Leader (Mitch Harris)
  • Lori Summa and Kurt Rudolph (ExxonMobil) – sedimentary basins
  • Daniel Minisini (Shell) – sedimentology of tight shales; Eagle Ford case study
  • Andrew Madof (Chevron) – gas hydrates
  • Taras Bryndzia (Shell) – geochemical and physical properties of shale
Dinner Keynote
session leaders (Cin-Ty Lee and Mitch Harris)
  • Hugh Daigle (UT Austin) – Multiphase flow in the subsurface carbon cycle from source to sink
IRESS DAY 2 – 23 Feb 2018
Theme 3: Energy, economics and environment
session leaders (Cin-Ty Lee and Ken Medlock)
  • Ken Medlock (Rice) – energy economics and policy – shale gas
  • Alex Archila (President, North American Shale, BHP Billiton)
Theme 4: Unconventional technologies
session leaders (Fenglin Niu)
  • Melodie French (Rice U) – rock mechanics frontiers
  • Yingcai Zheng (U Houston) – Seismic imaging of fractures in reservoirs
  • Priyank Jaiswal (Oklahoma State) – geophysical imaging of biocementation
  • Tobias Hoink (Baker Hughes) – Reservoir stimulation and the quest for permeability
Theme 5: Where do we go next?
  • Weidong Sun (Center of Deep Sea Research, Qingdao University, China) – China’s Ocean Drilling Program
  • Cin-Ty Lee (Rice) – The landscape of our natural resources: from exploration to sustainable production
Also note there is a pre-IRESS workshop on Feb 21, 2018 on The frontiers of Whole Earth Systems.
See more at the IRESS 2018 website here.
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