Mineral Evolution Exhibit Opening

2017-04-05 - 08:00 - 2017-04-30
Vienna, Austria

A new mineral evolution exhibit opens at the Natural History Museum Vienna, Austria on Tuesday 5 April 2017. Inspired by the work of DCO Executive Director Robert Hazen, the exhibit will become part of the museum's permanent collection, combining objects that document the development of Earth in connection with 56 minerals illustrating the evolution of minerals.

Hazen first discovered the evolution of minerals in 2008. He was the first to see a connection between the formation of new minerals and the change in environmental conditions during the development of our planet.  This interconnectedness is explained in the exhibit, demonstrating how formation of new minerals on Earth reflects the changing environmental conditions in Earth's history.

The new exhibit will be unveiled at a press conference at the museum on Tuesday 5 April.  Hazen will also be giving a seminar at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on Wednesday 6 April. 

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