Modelling Deep Carbon in a Tectonic and Geodynamic Framework

2016-08-29 - 08:00 - 2016-08-30
University of Sydney, Australia

This two-day workshop bringing together climate and geo-scientists from around Sydney and international collaborators on the Deep Carbon Modeling and Visualization Project. Deep carbon science describes the multi-disciplinary effort to unravel the dynamic interactions of carbon-bearing systems in deep time. The workshop will focus on exploring the interplays between the atmosphere, oceans, crust and mantle in the deep carbon cycle, and on the modelling tools used for conceptualizing and visualizing this data in new and innovative ways.

A live stream of the talks (subject to the consent of the speakers) will be available on the EarthByte youtube channel (

You can also follow the workshop on Twitter using the hashtag #DCOSydney. The EarthByte twitter handle is @EarthByteGroup

You can find the full program here.

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