Serpentine Days Workshop

2012-09-02 - 08:00 - 2012-09-06
Porquerolles Island, France


The Serpentine Days Workshop, sponsored by the French Mineralogical Society (SFMC) and the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), will be held on Porquerolles Island, France from 2-6 September 2012.  

Serpentinization has fundamental implications for all four DCO science directorates and for several of DCO's decadal goals.  The workshop will address the roles of serpentinization as 1) an energy source that can sustain extreme ecosystem and 2) an abiotic mechanism to form organic molecules.  Both topics are central to DCO decadal goals being addressed by its Deep Life Directorate.  The workshop will address the roles of serpentinization in the global carbon cycle—key to decadal goals being addressed by DCO's Reservoirs and Fluxes Directorate and Deep Energy Directorate.  The Deep Energy Directorate also is strongly interested in production and transport of large amounts of H2 during serpentinization, and the Physics and Chemistry Directorate recognizes H2 as an energy source for chemical reactions.  Other DCO-related topics include the serpentinization process, serpentinites in the "subduction factory," and serpentinites through geological time. The workshop will open with a session on "Serpentinization and the Carbon Cycle." 


Dates:  2-6 Sept. 2012

Location:  Porquerolles Island, France

Organizing Committee:  Muriel Andreani (LGL-Lyon), Anne-Line Auzende (IMPMC-Paris), Isabelle Daniel (LGL-Lyon), and Adelie Delacour (GET-Toulouse)

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