Webinar: A Blueprint for Creating a Box Model

2017-09-13 - 08:00 - 2017-09-13

A Blueprint for Creating a Box Model

In the fourth webinar in the series, DCO Modeling and Visualization expert Louise Kellogg and colleagues will present a blueprint and virtual “construction manual” for integrating different types of data into a box model.
Join us online at 2PM EDT on 13 September 2017. 
Called “DCO Webinar Wednesdays,” this webinar series builds on the successful workshop program at the Third DCO International Science Meeting and will take place monthly over the summer.  We hope you join in to learn from DCO experts in data science, modeling, and data visualization, who will guide you through a series of available modeling tools and software packages that you can integrate into your research now. Synthesis Group 2019 and the DCO Engagement Team are hosting this series. 
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