2017 DCO Emerging Leader Award Recipients Selected

The Deep Carbon Observatory has selected three early career scientists to receive the 2017 DCO Emerging Leader Awards.

These awards, bestowed annually, honor DCO early career researchers for distinguished performance and unique potential as leaders of the deep carbon science community. This year’s award recipients are Alberto Vitale Brovarone, Daniel Hummer, and Taryn Lopez. They were selected from an outstanding group of candidates, all nominated by DCO colleagues through an open call for nominations.

Award recipients will receive a certificate and a slab of carbonated Oman ophiolite in a beautiful display box. They will also receive DCO support to present their deep carbon research at an international conference in 2018.


Alberto Vitale Brovarone

Institut de Minéralogie et de Physique des Milieux Condensés, France

DCO Deep Energy Community Member

“I am extremely honored to receive this award. I want to thank the DCO community for the opportunities given to me and to other young researchers, with whom I share this honor. I also share it with the colleagues and students who have accompanied my research over the last years, and with those who do not need science to be at my side. This award is a great encouragement to do more, and better, and to do my best to give the same opportunity to younger generations in the future.”


Daniel Hummer

Southern Illinois University, USA

DCO Extreme Physics and Chemistry Community Member

“I'm genuinely honored and humbled to be receiving an Emerging Leader Award from an organization like the Deep Carbon Observatory that is involved in such a wide array of outstanding scientific work. I'm especially grateful given how rich the DCO is with motivated, generous, and fantastically talented early career scientists -- which I know because I've been working alongside them for the past 5 years! It's been a privilege to be part of the Deep Carbon Observatory, and I hope the connections I've made here will last a lifetime.”


Taryn Lopez

University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

DCO Reservoirs and Fluxes Community Member

“Through DCO I’ve had numerous opportunities to learn about topics beyond my research expertise and to think outside my comfort zone. These opportunities have challenged me, broadened my scientific perspective, and given me confidence to think bigger. Through my involvement with DECADE I have been able to work closely with experts in my own field, which has deepened my understanding of volcanic outgassing and encouraged me to expand my research to volatile cycling. I’m grateful to the DCO community for these opportunities and honored to have been selected for this award among a cohort of talented and inspiring early career scientists.”

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