Continuing DCO Engagement and Outreach: Announcing the DCO Engagement Advisory Committee

Five DCO scientists, representing each of the four DCO Science Communities and an at-large position, have agreed to serve as liaisons between their DCO Communities and the DCO Engagement Team.

Formally known as the Engagement Advisory Committee, its members are tasked with ensuring that the work of their respective communities—publications, important findings, events, and other potentially newsworthy items—is shared with the Engagement Team and disseminated to the entire DCO Science Network and broader public audiences.

This exchange of information is increasingly important as the Deep Carbon Observatory moves into its synthesis and integration phase. The Engagement Team will use the information shared by the Engagement Advisory Committee to promote DCO’s scientific findings, and help shape important messages in collaboration with Synthesis Group 2019 as the project nears its culmination in 2019.

The members of the Engagement Advisory Committee will serve as a critical component to DCO’s success. Their success depends on the cooperation and free exchange of information given to them by their communities. To help elicit that exchange of information, EAC members will contact their communities regularly for updates and to inquire about DCO-related news.

Should you have suggestions, questions, or comments regarding DCO’s engagement strategies, please share them with the EAC members or DCO Engagement Team Leader (Rob Pockalny).

Meet the Engagement Advisory Committee members

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