DCO at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting

DCO scientists presented over 150 scientific papers at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco on 14-18 December 2015. The meeting took place at the imposing Moscone Center in the heart of San Francisco, USA, and played host to nearly 24,000 Earth scientists from around the world.

Scientists from DCO’s four communities - Deep Life, Deep Energy, Reservoirs and Fluxes, and Extreme Physics and Chemistry - as well as DCO's Data Science Team, were active throughout the meeting, and the DCO Executive Committee convened a meeting of opportunity. DCO's DECADE (Deep Carbon Degassing) initiative met, and the DCO co-sponsored Oman Drilling Project hosted a pre-AGU workshop on Sunday, 13 December. A full listing of DCO papers and sessions is available here.

DCO Scientists Receive AGU Awards

DCO’s Fumio Inagaki (JAMSTEC, Japan) was honored with the Asahiko Taira International Scientific Ocean Drilling Research Prize, which recognizes outstanding transdisciplinary research accomplishments in ocean drilling by mid-career scientists. Antje Boetius (Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, University of Bremen, Germany) introduced Inagaki at a special lecture on Monday morning. Inagaki discussed several IODP expeditions to look at subsurface life in marine sediments, ending with his landmark work with DCO collaborator Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (University of Bremen, Germany), in which they found life more than 2 km beneath the seafloor in an ancient coal bed. Full award citation here.

DCO Executive Committee member Claude Jaupart (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris) received the Harry H. Hess Medal. This prestigious medal is for “outstanding achievements in research on the constitution and evolution of the Earth and other planets.” Jaupart’s contributions include the physics of volcanic eruptions, igneous processes in magma chambers and intrusions, geodynamics, in particular related to mantle convection and the role of continents, and heat flow in Earth. Full award citation here.

Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Deep Energy; University of Toronto, Canada) and Peter Fox (DCO Data Science Team, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA) also received recognition at the AGU Awards dinner. They were both elected AGU Fellows, having made exceptional scientific contributions in the fields of Earth and space sciences.

DCO Emerging Leader Awards

DCO at AGU 2016

DCO leadership recognized the many contributions of early career scientists at a DCO Celebration event (hosted by the DCO Secretariat and Engagement Team) on 15 December 2015. Jonathan Fellowes (University of Manchester, UK), Donato Giovannelli (Rutgers University, USA), and Fátima Viveiros (University of the Azores, Portugal) received the DCO Emerging Leader Awards. The award, a certificate and slab of carbonated peridotite donated by the Oman Drilling Project, recognizes early career scientists who have contributed to the burgeoning field of deep carbon science through their publications and active leadership in the Deep Carbon Observatory.

DCO at AGU 2016

Last year, DCO recognized several DCO early career scientists for organizing crosscutting deep carbon science sessions at the 2014 AGU Fall Meeting. For the second year running, Sami Mikhail (University of St Andrews, UK), Taryn Lopez (University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA), Anja Rosenthal (University of Bayreuth, Germany), and Vincenzo Stagno (ELSI Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and now at Sapienza University, Rome ) convened a deep carbon science session on Monday afternoon titled “The Earth’s Geodynamic Carbon Cycle: Subduction, Storage, Migration and Outgassing.”

DCO Video Selected for AGU Cinema

“Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts,” a video about the 2015 DCO Modeling and Visualization Workshop in Washington, DC, USA, was selected for inclusion in AGU’s science film festival, AGU Cinema. The video, produced by the Engagement Team, was shown alongside contributions from IODP, USGS, and independent filmmakers.

Launching the Carbon Mineral Challenge

At the DCO Celebration, members of the DCO Science Network were treated to a sneak peek of the Carbon Mineral Challenge: A worldwide hunt for new carbon minerals. The Challenge, based upon the work of DCO Executive Director Robert Hazen and colleagues, is mobilizing professional and amateur mineral collecting to look for Earth’s “missing” carbon minerals.

Hazen and colleagues predicted that there are 145 carbon-containing mineral species on Earth that scientists have yet to describe. The goal of the Challenge is to focus the mineral collecting world on finding these minerals, which might be hiding in existing collections or awaiting discovery in the field.

The next day, Hazen and colleagues Daniel Hummer (Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA) and Barbara Lafuente (University of Arizona, USA), officially launched the Carbon Mineral Challenge at an AGU press workshop. An in-depth feature on the Challenge by Maya Wei-Haas appeared on Smithsonian.com the next day. Elizabeth Wilson’s article for Chemical & Engineering News appeared on 18 December 2015. Wilson’s article was subsequently picked up by Scientific American. Visit mineralchallenge.net for more.


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