Meeting Report: Extreme Physics and Chemistry Workshop October 2014

DCO's Extreme Physics and Chemistry Community held another successful workshop at the University of California, Los Angeles, from 3-5 October 2014.

The Deep Carbon Observatory’s Extreme Physics and Chemistry (EPC) Community held another successful workshop at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA, 3-5 October 2014. The meeting was organized by EPC Chair Craig Manning (UCLA) and Co-Chair Wendy Mao (Stanford University, USA).

Paul Asimow (California Institute of Technology, USA) gave the kick-off talk: “What’s new in lower mantle petrology?” He presented a compelling case for the exciting complexity of Earth’s lower mantle, in contrast to pervasive views of it being homogeneous, monotonous, and “boring.” This complexity is central to exciting research opportunities relevant to DCO.

The meeting brought together a wide range of researchers (from undergraduate students to senior scientists) interested in the behavior of carbon-bearing systems at extreme conditions. In total the workshop had 45 presentations: 29 talks and 16 posters. The content of the talks and posters showcased the diversity of the EPC group, covering carbon in its diverse forms, and the entire planet from geothermal systems to subducting slabs and Earth’s mantle and core. EPC research also spans many disciplines beyond planetary science, including materials science and condensed matter physics, using a wide range of techniques including fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and theoretical calculations.

The organizers were pleased to note that 15 talks and numerous posters were from early career researchers. This strong representation was particularly encouraging because engaging scientists from all career stages sets the stage for a lasting impact of DCO. 

Image courtesy of Wendy Mao. 

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