Third Call for Proposals: Deep Energy Community (Deadline 20 November)

The Deep Energy Community (DEC) invites proposals for short- term funding of projects and/or activities aimed at addressing the DEC’s decadal goals and/or strengthening the international DEC community and its abilities to generate funding for new and ongoing initiatives.

The DEC is dedicated to quantifying the environmental conditions and processes from the molecular to the global scale that control the origins, forms, quantities and movements of reduced carbon compounds derived from deep carbon through deep geologic time.

The DEC has identified a number of guiding questions and the DEC Steering Committee encourages submission of ideas for modest short-term support that will address these and other relevant / meritorious efforts with high potential to attract new funding. Examples of supported activities include 1) laboratory research, 2) travel to field sites to collect samples of key importance, 3) support of working groups and workshops to synthesize data for publication of Deep Energy research, and/or to develop interdisciplinary collaborations, 4) travel to work with collaborators on the preparation of new proposals, or 5) other activities that would advance Deep Energy Goals.

A successful proposal will meet the following criteria: a) Requests for support must address unresolved questions related to deep energy and its decadal goals; b) Requests must identify the potential for attracting additional funding resources and the description must outline a plan for seeking new research support; c) the amount of requested support can range from $2,000 to $15,000 (plus 12% overhead if the proposed activity requires setting up a subward); d) The supported project/activity must conclude within six-months of receiving the award; e) the requested support cannot be used to pay salary expenses.

The Science Steering Committee of the DEC will review the merits of proposals and render recommendations for funding to the Chairs. Decisions for supporting an activity will consider a proposal’s impact on one or more Decadal Goals; its potential for strengthening the DE community and/or leveraging other funding; its influence on fostering collaborative science and synthesis of knowledge across the different DEC and DCO themes and/or international borders; proposed activities too risky for funding agencies; and novel opportunities with immediate funding requirements.

The DEC will accept 3-4 page, electronic submissions using the DEC proposal submission template prior to 20 March 2016, 20 July 2016, and 20 November 2016. Contingent upon available resources, the DEC may extend this opportunity through July, 2017. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF-file to Isabelle Daniel ( The DEC Steering Committee will review applications and make awards with <= 6 months durations beginning in December of 2016. Final progress reports must be submitted within 1 month after termination of the project.

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