Third DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop to Study Mt. Etna

The Deep Carbon Observatory, in collaboration with the Department of Earth Sciences of Sapienza University (Rome), is hosting its third Early Career Scientist Workshop in Nicolosi (Etna), Italy, 28 August-2 September 2017. This workshop will bring together the next generation of researchers active in deep carbon studies from around the world.

Building on the success of the first and second DCO Early Career Scientist Workshops, this third workshop (~50 scientists) of early career researchers will continue to foster collaboration and community within the ever expanding DCO Science Network.

The workshop is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and aims to financially support as many participants as possible. There is no registration fee for this workshop (accommodation and meals will be provided). Successful applicants will be eligible for up to 100% reimbursement of travel costs. Senior graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, fellows, and newly appointed assistant professors, are encouraged to apply.  with preference given to those who meet the following criteria:

Organizing Committee

vincenzo.stagno[at]uniroma1 [dot] it(Vincenzo Stagno)
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy 
Executive Committee

peter.barry[at]earth [dot] ox [dot] ac [dot] uk (Peter Barry)
University of Oxford, UK  
Reservoirs and Fluxes, Deep Energy

valerio.cerantola[at]gmail [dot] com(Valerio Cerantola)
The European Synchrotron - ESRF, France 
Extreme Physics and Chemistry

mcrespomedina[at]gmail [dot] com(Melitza Crespo-Medina)
Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico 
Deep Life

riikka.kietavainen[at]gtk [dot] fi(Riikka Kietäväinen)
Geological Survey of Finland - GTK, Finland 
Deep Life, Deep Energy

tobias.keller[at]stanford [dot] edu(Tobias Keller)
Stanford University, USA 
Deep Life, Reservoirs and Fluxes

katie_pratt[at]uri [dot] edu(Katie Pratt)
University of Rhode Island, USA 
Engagement Team

giancarlo.tamburello[at]ingv [dot] it(Giancarlo Tamburello)
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, sezione di Bologna, Italy 
Deep Life, Reservoirs and Fluxes

Geographic location
In sponsoring this workshop, DCO seeks to increase collaboration with scientific communities from around the world. Applicants from currently under-represented locations will be treated favorably. 

Research Interests
We aim to have representative early career scientists from across the scientific scope of the Deep Carbon Observatory, with a balance of research interests from across the four key scientific communities (Extreme Physics and Chemistry, Deep Energy, Reservoirs and Fluxes, and Deep Life), and the Modeling and Visualization Group.

Cross-community relevance
Applications from early career scientists active in deep carbon studies that span the goals of multiple DCO scientific communities, or who are proposing to initiate such research programs, will be treated favorably.

Preference will be given to those applicants who can attend the entirety of the conference.

Application Information
The application windo is now closed.


This workshop will focus on Mt. Etna. Participants will be housed at the Hotel Biancaneve in Nicolosi and transportation will be provided to and from the study site.

During the five-day workshop,  short scientific talks from all attendees will be incorporated into the program. Given the scope of the Deep Carbon Observatory, these talks will be necessarily general. To facilitate high-level conversations between potential collaborators, however, posters from all participants will be displayed throughout the duration of the workshop. Successful applicants are therefore advised to consider this division of overarching scientific goals and detailed technical explanations as they prepare for the workshop. Along with ice-breaking social activities, there will also be programmatic talks and breakout sessions that will focus on other features of the DCO community. A full agenda is availble here

Program Elements

The workshop will run for five days, with participants arriving on Monday, 28 August 2017.  Participants will be asked to bring posters about the research, which will be on display for the duration of the workshop.  Day 1, Tuesday 29 August, will be a full day that includes presentations and discussion by participants, two keynotes, and an introduction to the upcoming field trip to Mt. Etna.  Each participant will receive a GoPro camera for use in the field over the next few days. The first of two field trips to Mt. Etna will take place on Wednesday 30 August.  Prior to departure, participants will be fully briefed about the scientific composition of the field area and the field and analytical techniques relevant to carbon science that will be used in Etna’s volcanic field. The day will conclude with a debrief and discussion about how to design effective interdisciplinary research projects.

A third keynote presentation will happen on Day 3, Thursday 31 August, along with a poster session, roundtable, and breakout groups discussions about planning multidisciplinary data collection in the field.  The second field trip will occur on Day 4, Friday 1 September, with participants collecting data and samples in the Bove Valley.  The day will conclude with a debrief and open discussion.  Day 5, Saturday 2 September, will be filled with roundtables on topics ranging from funding opportunities for Early Career Scientists to future multidisciplinary collaboration to how to continue deep carbon initiatives. 



AGENDA (pdf)


Supporting Institutions

Sapienza Universita di RomaCommune de NicolosiINGVThermo Fisher ScientificWest SystemsSloan FoundationItalian Society of Mineralogy and PetrologyCarboPaT FOR2125


Photos of Etna. Top: Giancarlo Tamburello. Bottom: Vincenzo Stagno.

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