Why use the DCO Data Portal? A message from the DCO Data Science Team

Whenever you enter information into the DCO Portal you are helping to create an ever-increasing network of linked information.

By keeping your profile in the DCO Data Portal up-to-date, adding publications, updating projects throughout the year for easier report generation, and adding your datasets added into the system, you enable linking people, organizations, publications, events, projects, grants, data and more. Whenever you enter information into the DCO Portal you are helping to create an ever-increasing network of linked information.

With the introduction of the Web we realized the value of linking documents together. In Web 2.0 we saw a quick increase in the use of the Web for social media, e-commerce, and the dynamic creation of pages. We now have Web 3.0, a combination of principles and technology that enables us to link documents together in ways that both humans and computers can understand. This resource is called the Semantic Web.

We are starting to understand that data, knowledge, and services are linked together, rather than distinct areas of focus.

This linkage is what the DCO Data Portal offers. With linked data we are able to create more and better collaborations, find like-minded individuals working on common projects, add data that can be useful to others, discover tools that can be used to visualize data in new ways, and make it easier to discover, access, and understand data and information.

This information is available to members of the DCO Community, as well as interested parties outside of the community—accessibility that is possible because every resource that is part of the DCO Portal has a unique and persistent identifier called a DCO-ID. This DCO-ID will always be valid, even if the underlying resource changes. Your profile is available via a DCO-ID. Your publications are available via a DCO-ID, in addition to a DOI. And your data are available via a DCO-ID. When someone resolves a DCO-ID they find that data, and with it all of the information that is linked to it.


For help getting your information entered please visit https://deepcarbon.net/page/welcome and contact web@deepcarbon.net

The DCO Data Science Team. 

Image: DCO Data Science Day 2014. Credit: Josh Wood

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