The Deep Carbon Observatory is run in large part by its members, who volunteer their time to serve on DCO’s leadership committees. A small, but dedicated, staff supports the work of these committees, helping to implement their directives.  

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Executive Committee

The DCO Executive Committee provides scientific leadership for the entire program and has representatives from each of DCO’s four Science Communities, as well as other scientific experts. The Executive Committee meets in person at least twice annually, often in strategic international locations to build and strengthen the deep carbon community worldwide.


The DCO Secretariat, a team of staff based at the Carnegie Institution for Science, USA, provides central coordination, oversight, and management for DCO.

Scientific Steering Committees

DCO is arranged into four Science Communities that focus on different aspects of deep carbon: Extreme Physics and Chemistry, Reservoirs and Fluxes, Deep Energy, and Deep Life. Each community is led by a Scientific Steering Committee, which guides the community toward meeting a suite of decadal goals.

Synthesis Group 2019

Synthesis Group 2019 (SG2019) is actively working to synthesize and integrate research conducted across DCO’s four science communities to realize a new understanding of deep carbon science and fully capture DCO’s achievements.

Task Force 2020

Task Force 2020 (TF2020) aims to sustain and build upon the momentum and impact of DCO by identifying structures and organizations that will ensure the continuity of DCO legacies and with building upon DCO’s scientific achievements.

Engagement Team

DCO’s Engagement Team, with staff based at the University of Rhode Island, USA, keeps the deep carbon community informed and communicates deep carbon science to external audiences.

Data Science Team

The Data Science Team, with staff based at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, works in collaboration with DCO scientists to better understand the interactions, synergies, and dependencies of the deep carbon cycle.  

DCO Science Network

Meet the more than 1200 scientists (opens the DCO Data Portal) around the world who are contributing to the new field of deep carbon science.

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