NEXT: Scientific Ocean Drilling Beyond 2023

2019-05-06 - 08:00 - 2019-05-07
Denver, CO

This U.S. workshop for the future of scientific ocean drilling will be held in Denver, Colorado, USA on May 6-7, 2019. The workshop, entitled “NEXT: Scientific Ocean Drilling Beyond 2023,” will convene approximately 120 IODP community members to develop the U.S. plan for continued scientific ocean drilling without a hiatus at the end of the current program. Progress is being made on plans to replace the aging JOIDES Resolution with a modernized, more capable non-riser drilling vessel to help accommodate our transition to a long-term future in scientific ocean drilling.
The goals of this workshop are to: (1) update existing scientific challenges and identify new challenges to be included in a post-2023 science plan; and (2) identify and prioritize the required technologies and platform needs to enable the scientific ocean drilling research community to address those challenges in a new ocean drilling program.
Space will be limited at this meeting, but it is important to hear all voices and ideas. Therefore, pre-meeting webinars, and possibly live streaming of the workshop, will be available to those who cannot attend. In preparation for the workshop, we ask on the application for you to carefully consider and respond to three questions:

  • Looking beyond 2023, what current IODP science plan challenges need to be modified or expanded? How and why?
  • What new scientific challenges should be formulated in the next IODP science plan?
  • What is needed in a new U.S. riserless drilling vessel (from coring to shipboard analysis) to answer these new or updated challenges?

Below you will find links to the workshop web page, application site, and current science plan. Your answers to the above questions are important and will guide us in our selection of who will be invited to the NEXT workshop. Your input is extremely valuable even if you are not invited or are unable to attend the meeting, as it will inform the discussion prior to the meeting and allow all participants to come prepared with new thoughts and ideas. 
The end product of the NEXT workshop will be a document that will be shared with our international partners and the National Science Foundation. This workshop report will also serve to inform other stakeholders such as the deans or directors of our research institutions and our elected representatives in the U.S. Congress.
The application period closes on February 15. Invited participants from U.S. institutions will be supported by the USSSP Office. Interested non-U.S. scientists are encouraged to complete an application and contribute to the community dialog, but must work with their national Program Member Offices with regard to funding. We anticipate around 20-30 openings for international participants, so invitations will be limited.

NEXT workshop webpage

Apply to the NEXT workshop (by Feb 15)

Current IODP Science Plan

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