Deep Earth Water Community Forms to Investigate Fluids in Deep Earth

During the Summer of 2016, Dimitri Sverjensky (Johns Hopkins University, USA) hosted a series of workshops throughout Europe to introduce primarily early career scientists to the Deep Earth Water model (DEW) and its capabilities.

DEW, published in 2014, enables modeling of water-rock interactions at the conditions of Earth’s upper mantle, and has already contributed to a suite of high profile publications [e.g. refs 1-9). The workshops nucleated a new initiative within DCO, the Deep Earth Water Community.

DEW Community

In preparation for the workshops, Sverjensky worked with DCO collaborator Mark Ghiorso (OFM Research and University of Washington, USA) and undergraduate student Emily Marshall (Johns Hopkins University, USA) to adapt the modeling codes for aqueous speciation and chemical mass transfer consistent with the DEW model into a general format accessible to scientists in a variety of disciplines. The new versions of modeling tools, along with instructions and tutorials, are available on the DEW website here.

The workshops took place in June and July 2016 over three-five day periods, and took Sverjensky through France, Germany, Italy, and the UK to meet with colleagues, collaborators, and students.

Lyon, France, hosted by Isabelle Daniel
Münster, Germany, hosted by Carmen Sanchez-Valle
Milan, Italy, hosted by Simone Tumiati
Rome, Italy, hosted by Vincenzo Stagno
Cambridge, UK, hosted by Simon Redfern
St Andrews, Scotland, hosted by Sami Mikhail

Planning is now underway for a larger research training forum for researchers using the DEW model in a variety of settings. The forum will take place in late Spring 2017. For more information about DEW, please visit the website or contact Dimitri Sverjensky

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