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DCO Highlights Symphony in C Recording Released

A recording of Symphony in C: A Carbon Symphony, composed by David Earl, performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, and inspired by a book by Robert Hazen, is now available to the DCO…

DCO Highlights Project Aims to AVERT Volcanic Disasters

A new project funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation will deploy advanced real-time volcanic monitoring in an effort to improve forecasts of volcanic eruptions.

DCO Highlights 2019 AGU Fall Meeting Report

Hundreds of DCO scientists shared their recent research at the 2019 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, which attracted 28,000 Earth and space scientists to San Francisco on 9-13 December.

DCO Highlights ‘DeepSeep’ to Quantify Deep Hydrocarbons

A new project called DeepSeep seeks to estimate the amounts of hydrogen, methane, and other hydrocarbons formed through geological processes and their impact on the deep carbon cycle and subsurface…

DCO Highlights MEET Project Looks Back in Time

A new project funded by a $14.2 million European Research Council Synergy grant, entitled Monitoring Earth Evolution Through Time, will explore the chemical and physical processes that shaped Earth’s…

DCO Research Deep Carbon Processes Explain Rise of Oxygen, Isotopes

Scientists propose that a surge of volcanic activity about 2.5 billion years ago that spewed large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere can be linked to the Great Oxidation Event and a shift…

DCO Research Elements Issue Highlights Abiotic Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons

The February 2020 issue of Elements offers a broad perspective of recent research into abiotic hydrogen and hydrocarbons, on Earth and beyond.

DCO Research Mantle ‘Tantrum’ Released Burst of Volatiles

Traces of ancient atmosphere trapped in rocks from the Archaean eon provide evidence of the sudden release of volcanic gases around 2.5 billion years ago. This burst of gases may be linked to the…

Frontiers Special Collection Engages Broader Deep Carbon Community
DCO Research Frontiers Collection Engages Broader Community

A special collection on Deep Carbon Science in the journal Frontiers features a range of new geochemical, geodynamic, and microbial discoveries. More than 100 scientists from within and beyond the…

Virtual Reality Lets DCO Researchers See C in 3D
DCO Highlights C in 3D

New 3D, interactive visualizations developed in collaboration with virtual reality researchers at the University of California, Davis, are helping Earth scientists to make sense of complex, three-…

Earth in Five Reactions Synthesizes Evolution of A Habitable Planet
DCO Highlights Special Collection: “Earth in Five Reactions”

A special collection in American Mineralogist entitled "Earth in Five Reactions: A Deep Carbon Perspective" features a mix of invited reviews and contributed papers on the key chemical reactions that…

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